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The Jesus Prayer
Trisagion Prayers
O Heavenly King and Psalm 50 (Psalm of Repentance)
Morning Prayers
Evening Prayers
The Creed
Before and after Communion
Prayer of St Ephraim
Prayer of Married Persons
A prayer for every kind of illness
Prayer for a Sick Person
Prayers to the Theotokos

Greek Kolyva and Orthodox Icons

Greek style kolyva can be ordered
from Stella Anastasellis at (078) 242-1496

Orthodox Icons can be ordered from:

1) Julia Bridget Hayes.
Tel. +30 (697) 236-5670
Julia is based in Greece, but Fine Art America ships her works all over the world, including South Africa. We thank her for allowing us to use her works freely on this website.

2) Fr Justin Venn.
Email :
Fr Justin is based in UK. But ships his work all over the world, including South Africa. 

Preparing for Sacraments:

Click on the following links to find religious information worldwide Orthodox websites:

Sacraments in the Orthodox Church:

Preparing to receive Holy Communion

Orthodox Media Worldwide

Click on the following links to visit worldwide Orthodox websites.

Ancient Faith Radio is a pan-Orthodox internet based radio station on the air 24/7. They stream traditional Orthodox music and several programs and also provide free downloadable podcasts as part of their unique service.

Light & Life Publishers are the world’s largest orthodox supplier.

For Children

Sunday’s Gospel for Children

For teachers and parents involved in Sunday School:
Greek Orthodox Christian Society of Australia - on YouTube

Useful Orthodox Christian websites:

* a free-content encyclopedia and information center for Orthodox Christianity.

* The website of the Orthodox Church of America.

* Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America

*www/ Orthodox Christianity on the web. 

Service books for Orthodox Christians:

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download the book

Akathist to St Nicholas of Japan


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